Quantum Leap

Do you want to grow your skills or expand your business? If you’re genuinely interested in an effective way to improve all aspects of your business life and gain a clearer understanding of your individual performance, Quantum Leap is a tool to help you reach your goals.

This highly effective self-assessment tool administered by a team of highly qualified peer executives. They will add clarity and purpose to your career goals. MasterMind Connection Founder Chad Coe describes the process as Quantum Leap because of the amazing transformation candidates undergo in a short period of time.

How It Works
The Quantum Leap process consists of a safe environment in which 4-5 professionals analyze your problems, achievements and goals. They in turn identify your unique strengths and weaknesses, and develop a working plan with you.

Businessman Rob Engelman turned to the Quantum Leap process when he was struggling with business development issues. He successfully leveraged techniques and tools from the team and made a major career change.

“The process felt like I was bearing my soul a bit. I left myself vulnerable to take in other’s insights and guidance,” says Engelman.

Engelman said the Quantum Leap team’s expertise and outside opinions were essential in helping reach his goals and successes.

“It was a really important process for me to go through and shape what my business was all about” explained Engelman. “It allowed me to create momentum and drive my business forward.”