Janelle Brittain

Janelle Brittain


Corporate Turnaround, Growth Management, Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Board Effectiveness, Leadership Conflict Management, Mergers, Integrations

As an internationally renowned corporate and board consultant, executive coach, trainer and speaker, Janelle Brittain and her company The Dynamic Performance Institute, LLC has helped guide Fortune 100 companies as well as entrepreneurial companies and non-profit organizations to accelerate the performance of people and companies throughout the world.

Her work focuses on leadership development, effective boards, corporate turnarounds, team cultures and change management for organizations across the U.S., Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The superior skills of Janelle as an Executive Coach has guided many CEOs and executives to handle higher level challenges and meet goals through their staff and strategies. She has the unique skill of training and coaching Board members how to be highly effective on a Board, whether it is non-profit, private or public. She is well known for her expertise in strategic management and leadership as well as advise to companies on how to transform themselves as they evolve through growth, downsizing or mergers.

Janelle attained business experience in management, marketing, sales, consulting and training through her affiliation with companies such as Xerox, Control Data and leading healthcare organizations. She is the author of six published business books and is frequently quoted in business publications including The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily and Crain’s Chicago’s Business.

In addition to her company that was founded in 1989, Janelle has served on Professional Association Boards of Directors for over the last 25 years in a variety of officer positions from Treasurer to President. She also served on and led five Corporate Advisory Boards and one Corporate Board. Janelle is currently a Director of Boardroom Bound’s Boardology™ Institute.