Arthur Glass

Arthur Glass

Serial Entrepreneur

Food and Consumer Products

Arthur is a seasoned, entrepreneurial executive who founded Arthur Glass and Associates in 1978, to specialize in product packaging and design. Arthur is a visionary in designing and developing products, packaging, and merchandising displays for a wide variety of industries. His experience ranges from automotive, cosmetic and house wares manufacturers including Gatorade, Robert Bosch, Emlin Cosmetics, Paris Presents and Children on the Go. Arthur has also executed projects for the amenities lines for Hyatt and Princess Cruises.

In 1995, Arthur established Gourmet Fusions, an extensive line of sauces sold throughout the United States. All natural ingredients are the cornerstone of the Gourmet Fusions product line created for both professional and amateur chefs. Through these specialty products, Arthur has identified market trends that emphasized gourmet-cooking preparations for the mass market. Gourmet Fusions also consults with food service distributors and restaurant chains to customize flavor profiles and streamline preparation costs. He increased market awareness and expanded the reach of the Gourmet Fusions product line after launching its retail line up in specialty food stores and supermarkets.

Arthur Glass excels in applying his strategic, creative problem solving skills to address a difficult or complicated issue or challenge and has the talent to break it down into easy-to-understand solutions. His ability to access resources, identify timing, clarify product development, conceptualize market strategy, develop effective packaging, etc. has enabled Arthur to bring a myriad of products to store shelves and the food service industry for more than a decade.